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Supplying Quality Concrete Mix Products in Hamilton

At Canadian Ready Mix, we provide the right concrete mix products for your exact specifications. Our work represents our aim of putting client satisfaction at our top priority. Call us today to schedule a consultation with our experts for the accurate concrete mix and get a quote from us. We pride ourselves on using high-grade materials and providing top-quality service and delivery. Serving Hamilton and the surrounding communities, we’ve built lasting relationships with our clients because we sell concrete products you know you can trust.

Standard Concrete Process

Standard Concrete Process

Your concrete may have lost valuable durability, and you're paying formorethan what you used!

Canadian Ready Mix Process

Canadian Ready Mix Process

Your concrete is as fresh as it can be, and you only pay for what you use!

According to the cement association of Canada: CSA Standard A23.1 recommends completing the discharge of concrete within 2 hours. Amid hot weather, the time limit can be a challenge and might narrow down to one hour or even 45 minutes. High temperatures affect the rate of setting and reduces the time to be transported, placed and finished. With an increase of 10°C in concrete temperature, setting time gets reduced by two or more hours.

However, Canadian Ready Mix introduces the water to the cement on-site, increasing the concrete setting time.

What’s more, we do time-to-time spot tests on our concrete pours. Our supplier takes cylinder samples of our concrete mix from a job site and sends them to a lab for testing. The lab performs three different strength tests on the concrete for 28-days. Our results reveal that our mix is 32 MPa on the 28th day.

What You Need to Know Before Canadian Ready Mix Truck Arrives for Delivery

There are few steps that ensure you run a successful project:

Always hire a concrete specialist to manage your concrete project.
Keep additional help to offload the concrete at your desired place.
Get an estimate of concrete quantity with our calculator.
Keep a check on the weather before booking your concrete to avoid cancellations. Weather conditions can affect both the setting time and concrete placing, finishing and protection.
Ensure you have the proper equipment, such as wheelbarrows for concrete portability, the finishing tools and sufficient team strength to offload the concrete for your project.
Concrete work is not a one-person job; make sure you hire a team of professionals. Save your time and money.
Be equipped and prepared for our arrival.
Our truck is scheduled for 15 minutes per meter for your project, after that we charge an additional cost of $2.00 per minute.

Our Concrete Products

Concrete (of course) – our standard mix boasts of 32 MPa with 6% air. And upon request, we can add colour and other additives to provide our customers’ custom concrete mix.

Our supplier of cement does regular spot tests on our pours. We take cylinder samples of our concrete mix from a job site and send them to a lab for testing. Over 28 days, the lab does three tests, one on the 7th day, the second on the 14th day and the last is done on the 28th day. On the last day, our mix should be of 32 MPa strength.

Canadian Ready Mix takes pride in the quality of the concrete we provide, as on the 7th-day test, our mix design is already better than 32 MPa, and on the 28th day, our strength is well beyond the 32 MPa strength.

Concrete costs are based on the quantity you use and the delivery area. Please call 905-573-1212 for more details.

Air entraining admixture – 6% is standard for our mix. The air creates millions of tiny bubbles in the concrete mix that protect it from our freeze/thaw cycles. This is included in our price.

Water reducing admixture helps to reduce the amount of water needed in the mix, and as a result, the strength increases. This is included in our price.

Concrete colour – For a decorative purpose, Canadian Ready Mix provides a variety of colours. Pick up a colour chart from our yard. The price is based on the colour that you choose. The darker the colour, the expensive it gets.

Fibre reinforcement helps to alleviate surface cracking. This is a great product and can be used in place of rebar and with the rebar. The choice is yours.

3/8” pea gravel – this stone is used instead of the regular concrete aggregate to get the exposed aggregate look.

Accelerating admixture – this product is excellent for colder weather and can be used to expedite the initial set of concrete.

Concrete Curing Process Tips

Keep a note that exterior concrete flatwork needs at least seven curing days, and all other concrete needs three. The lack of success to complete this step will deter all the excellent work done before. Be cautious about maintaining and protecting your concrete mix investment. Stay away from utilizing de-icing chemicals in the first 12 months and apply concrete sealers to protect the concrete further.

 Cost-Effective Concrete Solutions

We offer quality concrete products throughout Ontario.

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